Belinda Suckrajh

Summer 2016 was my first time going away alone and working officially. Who knew I would have to take three flights to get to my location to work and housing but it was so much fun.
I chose Students Work and Travel as my agency because all other companies did not meet my criteria or my standards that I uphold. I must tell you though choosing a sponsor was the hardest part for me because all sponsors are excellent but Spirit being the newbie in the business and I said well it is time to give a fairly new company a try and as so I went with Spirit and I do not regret it. You see Spirit guides you through the entire process, they gave me tips and advice and they check on me before I leave Jamaica, when I am in the US and when I return home.
The J-1 program does have its challenges, I must admit, but the experience and the opportunities over power those bad days. I personally found out more about who I am as an independent individual and as an employee. I meet many new persons and found out information that can not be found online via a computer or cell phone. Visited so many places such was Yellowstone national park, saw wild animals and be so much closer to the sky due to the geographical location. Having persons try to guess where in the world you are from and having them know that you are from the same country as the world’s fastest man is an indescribable feeling, also sharing our Jamaican culture with those around made me embrace my birth country even more. Now I can’t describe everything but this program has taught me how to budget, save, step out of my comfort zone and also helped to build myself.

I thought that I would not enjoy my first experience due to all the horror stories I have heard but I did enjoy it and I encourage anyone to try it for yourself and you get the experience because everyone’s experience is different. I am excited to go on this new Journey with Spirt and SWAT right beside me. Summer 2017 Here I come.

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