Who We Are?

The Students’ Work & Travel Programme (SWAT)  was developed by Mark Foster (Askia Moses Toure) who was a beneficiary of a Work and Travel Programme and have shared the wonderful and enlightening experience of learning about the cultures, languages and customs of other countries through international education and work exchange programs. SWAT was henceforth established as a collective effort to provide the most affordable opportunity for university students to embark on an adventure to experience life and culture in the US, earn money and internationalize their résumés.

SWAT collaborates with Cultural Home-stay International (CHI), (CCI) and Spirit which are non-profit, public benefit, educational organizations that sponsors other Work & Travel agencies internationally. This collaboration helps university students to travel to the US and benefit from the cultural exchange experience. Students are able to work in the US for up to four months during the summer period (May-September).

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