We Are Looking For:

How much does the program cost?

To view fees, please select “program budget” link on website.

Will I make back my money?

All Applicants can make back their money but there is no guarantee. Remember the purpose of working while overseas is so that your living expenses can be covered during your stay. Factors that may affect how much you make depends on your own individual efforts, your ability to retain a second job, your ability to work overtime, etc.

Is there an age limit?

Yes there is. Eligible applicants should fall within the 18-30 age range.

Can I stay with relatives?

Housing is generally pre-arranged and comes with the Job Placement. On very few occasions, the pre-arranged housing might not be mandatory for the applicant, and they may choose to stay with relatives if they have family living within that same area. This however doesnt happen often.

How Long Do I Get To Work For?

The program duration lasts from May 5th – September 7th.

If I already have a visa, do I need another one?

Certainly. The visa you may already have is classified as a visitors’ visa. Students are not legally able to work on such visas. The program however helps you to gain a J-1 Work Visa which will allow you to legally work for the summer.

[finance_accordian_item title="What is your Refund Policy if the visa is denied?"]

Applicants are reimbursed their program fee less US$400 that’s retained by SWAT. Refund payments are done at the end of the season commencing August 15th.

How much will I pay for rent?

Rent varies based on the State you are living in. For example, rent is higher in New York as opposed to Florida. Therefore some students may end up paying on average $65 per week while others are paying in the region of $100 weekly.

Are we allowed to have more than one job?

Certainly. SWAT is responsible for sourcing one job for the applicant at their request. The applicant is however free to source other jobs, provided that they do not conflict with the hours of their first job.Please note that all second job MUST be approved by the sponsor before you start working that job.

Can I choose the state where i want to work?

You can choose the State where you would like to work, provided that you are sourcing your own employment. However if you will be sourcing a job through SWAT, you will have to select from the list of employers that we have contracts with.

What kind of jobs do you offer?

We offer job opportunities in the following areas:

Cashiering, Servers, Ride Attendants, House Keepers, Host/Hostess, Park Attendants, Cooks, Lifeguards, etc. Our list is constantly improving as we negotiate additional contracts with new employees each summer

Can I find my own job?

Yes you may conduct your own job arrangement if you wish

Will I have to Work on Saturdays?

Yes you will be required to work on weekends due to the nature of the program. For those applicants who are unable to work on weekends due to religious commitments/beliefs, this program unfortunately is not conducive to facilitate such religious commitments as most employers busiest time period is on the weekends.

How do I register for the program?

Apply online and complete the registration form. You may visit our office or registration booth and pay JA$2500 registration fee. Upon registration, online access will be given to complete forms.