Budget Plan

Who We Are? SWAT FEES $US Registration (JA $2500) 23 SWAT fee should be paid at JN a/c # 110 18075 Student Work and Travel ADDITIONAL PERSONAL START-UP FEES VISA application (payable to NCB account) subject to change to at any time by the embassy 160 Airline fee (price based on time of ticket purchase) [...]


Why Should I Take Part In The SWAT Experience?To Experience Alternative Ways Of Life Through Cultural Exchange SWAT was designed to enlighten students about the various cultures around the world and therefore offers an experience that will open up your mind to different ways of life that will inspire your creative thinking. To Build Your Social Network [...]

Application Checklist

ChecklistYOU MUST BE A FULL-TIME TERTIARY STUDENT Required documents for submission: “Once you have registered on the students’ portal, we invite you to upload the following documents, or, come in with the  documents so that we can upload them for you. These documents are: Transcript from your school Status Letter.  This should be stamped and [...]

About SWAT

Who We Are?The Students’ Work & Travel Programme (SWAT)  was developed by Mark Foster (Askia Moses Toure) who was a beneficiary of a Work and Travel Programme and have shared the wonderful and enlightening experience of learning about the cultures, languages and customs of other countries through international education and work exchange programs. SWAT was [...]

Professional Training

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Registration fees can be paid in Office or to

JN A/C# 209 434 5274 Swat Productions Ltd

Program fee must be paid at JN Bank.

JN A/C# 209 434 5275 Swat Productions Ltd

VISA FEE PAYMENTS can be made to the NCB BANK.