What They say


The Student Work and Travel Programme (SWAT) is truly an exemplary organisation. They were with me every step of the way, from the moment I entered their doors, as a first year student desiring to explore this option, they gave me the right tools and proper representation during the process. I believe that this is […]

Belinda Suckrajh

Summer 2016 was my first time going away alone and working officially. Who knew I would have to take three flights to get to my location to work and housing but it was so much fun. I chose Students Work and Travel as my agency because all other companies did not meet my criteria or […]


I went on the students’ work and travel program for the first time with SWAT Ltd. in summer 2011. I went with them every summer after that until 2014, when further studies prevented me from participating in the program. The memories, skills and work ethic that I have managed to acquire over the years have […]