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COVID grounds students’ work and travel programmes

The Students’ Work and Travel Productions Limited (SWAT) says that it has suffered a great deal this season because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Following the closure of US borders, the hopes of some 8,000 students were crushed, which, in turn, affected the company. The pandemic has put SWAT in a position where students are […]

Live and work in the US during summer

Q: What can you tell me about the J-1 visa Summer Work Travel programme? A: The Summer Work Travel programme provides foreign students with an opportunity to live and work in the United States during their summer vacation, and to experience and be exposed to the people and way of life in the United States. […]

Understanding the US J-1 Summer Work & Travel Program: The Truths and Myths

The J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program is increasingly becoming a popular alternative for university students seeking an opportunity to financially assist with funding their tuition.