SWAT Productions Limited


About Swat Productions Limited


SWAT Productions Ltd, Formerly Students Work And Travel Ltd, Was Founded By Mark Foster In September 2006 After Participating Twice On The J-1 Cultural Exchange Program. It Was Mr. Foster’s Desire To Provide A Process That Was More Affordable And User Friendly For Students, Based On His Prior Program Experience.


Swat Places Great Effort On Having Team Members Who Are Also Past Participants Of The Program, Who Will Understand The Challenges And Concerns That Participants Would Have.


From Prime Minister Awardee, To Establishing A Company That Is An Industry Leader In The Caribbean For J1 Recruitment, Swat Productions Ltd, Has Established Itself As The Premier Agency For Work And Travel, Across Tertiary Campuses In Jamaica.


Equipped With A State Of The Art, Intricately Designed Online Portal System, Backed With An Exceptionally Warm, Open And Friendly Customer Service, Our Team Stands Ready To Serve You, As You Embark On Your J-1 Cultural Exchange Journey! We Look Forward To Serving You!

Be Fun (But Responsible). Having A Happy Work Environment That Reflects On How We Handle Clients And Make Them Feel On Each Office Visit Or Phone Call.


  • Give Value For Money (Never Be Cheap) Giving The Clients What They Paid For That Is Good Customer Service And No Stress In The Process


  • Offer Quality And Attention To Detail (But Not At The Cost Of Affordability). The Work And Travel Process Entails Several Documents Of Importance Such As Work Permits Etc That Needs To Be Handle With Details To Avoid Spelling Error In Name Etc That Can Delay Travels.


  • Innovate (Be Willing To Take Risks). We For Example Update Payments Without You Needing To Bring In Your Bank Receipt. This Was Risky For Us But It Worked Out Fine After The Fact.


  • Competitive Challenge (Be Ready To Respond To Customer Needs). A Crucial Time You Need Us Is While You Are Miles Away In The US And That’s When You Feel Our Presence Through Personalized Check Ups And Fast Response To Resolve Issues.


  • Customer Service (Always Hire Professional, Empowered People Capable Of Giving A Great Experience). We Go The Extra Mile To Get Qualified And Experienced Staff With Work And Travel Experience In Order To Relate To You And Serve You Better.

Vision: To be the one stop shop for all your work and travel needs.


Mission: To transform lives through a seamless pleasant access to cultural exchange and earning opportunities


Core Values

Respect: Treating each customer with dignity and courtesy by personalizing your account and interface assigning everyone to a particular contact at the company that knows you on a first name basis.


Integrity and Responsibility: Holding themselves accountable for their performance through customer feedback surveys end of each season.


Growth: Focusing on constant innovations in technology to make the process more seamless via our online portal and creativity in marketing and optimizing value.